Training is back but things are different

Thanks for your patience and for your input to the club survey – we had an incredible response rate of >70% of families.

We have been given the OK from all levels of government including Willoughby Council and the various Rugby bodies to return to play with training resuming from Tuesday 2 June 2020.

However, with the current guidelines there are changes to how we conduct training safely. Please read the below carefully.

Importantly, any return to training is completely at the parent’s discretion after judging any risk. Also, if the training times for the rest of term do not suit your player we’re sorry but hope you can accommodate the revised schedule for at least the rest of Term 2.

When will training be?

Here is the schedule for a return to training:

Tuesdays starting 2 June 2020

  • 5-6pm U13s
  • 6-7.30pm U14s and U16s

Wednesdays starting 3 June 2020

  • 5-6pm U10s
  • 6-7pm U11s and U12s
  • 7-8pm U15s

Minis Fridays starting 12 June 2020

  • 4-5pm U6s & U7s
  • 5-6pm U8s & U9s

These times allow us up to a max. of 60 participants per hour to suit the space available @ Beauchamp. We have not considered weekends (Sat/Sun) training in place of regular season game time at this point.

Training invitations will be issued in Team App – you must RSVP your player to attend training.
Attendance will be recorded by AGCs/Managers in Team App for future COVID-19 tracking use, if required.

Please see this short tutorial from Team App on Attendance Tracking – COVID-19 Compatible YouTube clip on junior rugby training with COVID-19 restrictions

How will we train?

Training will be in groups of 10 (9 players + 1 coach) in marked out areas. Coaching drills that accommodate the guidelines will be available from Try Time (Mike Cross) and Director of Coaching, Sam Macdonald.

The Canteen will not run on any training nights & the Clubhouse except for the lower public toilets is not open per the guidelines.

Social distancing and sanitisation practices will be followed strictly.

All players to bring their own water bottles and full rugby training kit.

When do we get to play games again?

The Sydney Junior Rugby Union (SJRU) and in turn the Gordon Junior Rugby Union (for Minis age groups) are planning for a start to inter-club competition in late July (Term 3). Anything before that date will only be training at whatever level of restrictions are in place. NB. the Term 2 school holidays will fall within this time.

What if I have questions?

Nick White is our appointed COVID-19 Coordinator

All AGC’s, Coaches & Managers are supporting the implementation of the Return to Play plan. Each key person will be wearing a Hi-Viz vest at training at Beauchamp.

Again, we acknowledge, this is not going to suit everyone however should suit a majority of families and we sincerely hope you can adapt to this new season.