Honour Roll

Player tenure to end of 2021 

In years gone by we used to honour players who achieved milestones for games played – e.g. 50 games, 100 games, 150 games, etc. We also honoured players who have played at the club for 10 years.

However, from 2017 onwards we made a decision to honour players based on tenure – i.e. 5 years, 8 years and 10 years at the club. There are two reasons driving this change:

  1. A key goal of the club is to keep players in the game. So years of tenure is the appropriate measure that speaks to that goal;
  2. The significant logistical challenges in maintaining accurate games played records. In most cases it becomes an averaging exercise with varying levels of accuracy particularly where players back up their mates and play multiple games each weekend.
  • 10 Years Plus
    PlayerYears of Tenure
    McMichan, Odin14
    Austine, Kendell13
    Mochizuki, Kota13
    Booth, George12
    Dowling, Declan12
    Hyslop, Mitchell12
    Leonard, Ewan12
    McNeil, Zachary12
    Re, John12
    Sekel, Tim12
    Kafer, Ben11
    McGurk, Archie11
    Potts, Archie11
    Re, Nicholas11
    Roe, Jack11
    Antico, Luca10
    Baker, Charlie10
    Chitty, Rory10
    Fenwicke, Louis10
    Frederikson, Tate10
    Galloway, Jack10
    Gay, Dylan10
    Hill, Harrison10
    Lamming, Nicholas10
    Lines, Corban10
    MacDonald, Jack10
    MacDonald, Oscar10
    Richards, Fred10
    Sage-Pickin, Thomas10
    Steel, Luke10
  • 8 Years
    PlayerYears of Tenure
    Abbott, Fergus9
    Albert, Hugh9
    Arnold, James9
    Basham, Jacob9
    Blades, Luca9
    Dainton, Matthew9
    Dutschke, Samuel9
    Frederikson, James9
    Graham, Kevin9
    Harris, Daniel9
    Hinton, Xavier9
    Howard, Hamish9
    Irving, Lachlan9
    Jennings, Dillon9
    Kooyman, Angus9
    McCoubrey, Charles9
    McLay, Finn9
    McNeil, Benjamin9
    Nelson, Daniel9
    Parker, Rory9
    Rannard, Matthew9
    Ratwatte, Shael9
    Re, James9
    Richards (adanguidi), Jordan9
    Ridley, Liam9
    Slaven, Peter9
    Suzuki, Sean9
    Taylor, Edward9
    Terry, William9
    Archer, James8
    Ballard, Christopher8
    Barassi, Finn8
    Braddock, Frederick8
    Brayshaw, Joshua8
    Cannon, William8
    Curran, William8
    Davis, James8
    East, Charlie8
    English, Jasper8
    Fenwicke, Saxon8
    Fortin, Charles8
    Frape, Harrison8
    Frape, Henry8
    Frape, Joshua8
    Gay, Jarvis8
    Giliberti, James8
    Grover, Hamish8
    Grover, Liam8
    Head, Lucas8
    Hunt, Liam8
    Irving, Jack8
    Kell, Daniel8
    Le Maitre, Marshall8
    Lennon, Paddy8
    Lines, Ethan8
    Martin, Joss8
    Martin, Scott8
    Monahan, Oscar8
    Neal, Tyson8
    O'Sullivan, Benjamin8
    Pin, Daimon8
    Purcell, Harrison8
    Rannard, David8
    Ratwatte, Aryn8
    Ryan, Oliver8
    Sage-Pickin, Benjamin8
    Sharp, Joseph8
    Stephen, Mackenzie8
    Toepfer, Charlie8
    Wallace, William8
    Watson, Benjamin8
    Whalley, Kyle8
    Wilkinson, Charlie8